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Daytripper trips must have a minimum of 5 persons to run. You can book now and be wait-listed or get approved instantly if 5 persons or more. If you are able to PAY NOW, it means the min. 5 persons quota has been reached and you may proceed with payment and securing your seats.

Note: SABANG pick up and drop off is NOT ALONG THE WAY, it needs to be on a chartered trip basis only. If you are coming from Sabang and want to take our regular trip, we are able to pick up only at the Salvacion Junction. Pick-ups and Drop-offs farther than El Nido town like Qi Palawan Resort, etc will have additional charges (+2,000php per way).

“TRIPS” are for Daytripper regular trips and Port Barton-related trips. Please click on PICK DATE for TRIPS to find your date. Click here to find out more about our Port Barton partner’s service.

“OTHER TRIPS” are for non-regular trips and open chartered trips and may be serviced by our coach and or our partners. If you want to request for a new open chartered trip (a chartered trip that can be shared with other parties), please write a request to us here.