Frequently Asked Questions

How can we reserve seats with you?

1. Book

  • Online
  • By Phone: +63 917 7758181
  • By Email: hello(at)

2. Pay

  • Online
  • By bank transfer / deposit
  • By cash (when reserved with our hotel partners)

3. We confirm booking

  • Online – right after payment
  • By phone after payment
  • By Email after payment

Do I need a paypal account to be able to pay for my booking online?

No, you do not need a paypal account. We are simply using paypal as a payment gateway but it accepts most major credit card payments WITHOUT the need for a paypal account.

Where do you pick up in Puerto Princesa?

We can pick up anywhere in the city like airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. This is part of our service

Do you pick up from the airport in Puerto Princesa?


How long is the trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido and back?

The trip is approximately five to six hours.

I want to go to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa and to El Nido in one day. Is that possible?

Yes it is, if you charter the trip. Kindly let us know by email to booking(at) if you wish to include the Underground River in your trip itinerary.

Please note that there are limited slots accepted for booking everyday and the availability cannot be guaranteed by us nor by our booking partners. For more information please read:

If you are availing of this option, this will be an additional U.R. SIDE TRIP package charge to your chartered trip fee (UR SIDE TRIP PACKAGE COST + CHARTERED TRIP COST). Take note: We are not the ones directly booking for you. We liaise with travel agencies who are qualified to book on your behalf.

My hotel is in Sabang. Do you pick up in Sabang?

No, because it is out of the way. Unless you charter the trip, we will just add a little extra cost for this.

Is the Underground River in Sabang along the route?

No. It is a separate destination altogether that deviates from the normal route and takes around 3 hours just to get in and get out back to the national highway.

How is Sabang out of the way and what can we do if we are coming from there to go to El Nido?

Here is an illustration to better understand:

Sabang Underground River in Palawan

What you can do is to ask your hotel / find a way to get to the Salvacion Junction and we can pick you up from there.

Where is Salvacion Junction and is there a waiting area there?

Yes there is. See below:

Salvacion Junction Palawan

Why can't we know right away if we can go to the Underground River or not?

Because you need to get the permits first from the Underground River Booking Office. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee availability during your time of inquiry. Which is why we do not include it in our PAY NOW option.

Can you make a trip to the Underground River on a per-person pricing basis?

No. Unless you charter our vehicle. This is because this deviates from our regular route and Sabang is NOT along the way. This side trip will add 3-4 hours and mileage from the regular route.

How frequent are your stopovers?

On a non-chartered trip, we will have one stop over of 20 minutes for a quick bite and/or toilet break and another toilet break for 10 minutes. Our driver will announce it ahead of time.

Why do you have only a few choices for your routes?

We want to focus only on the most popular routes so that we don't spread ourselves too thinly.

Why don't you have tour packages?

Because we are not a travel agency. We are a transportation company. We do, however, partner up with some travel agencies who can offer you packages that include our services. Kindly let us know if you want to use our service and get tour packages at the same time. Or, if you already have a travel agency in mind, let them know that you wish to book your ride with us and we shall coordinate with them.

Why don't you have wi-fi onboard?

We tried… but the cellular signal along the way is so sketchy it's frustrating. Furthermore, the fastest speed available on the way, when there is signal anyway, is only "EDGE" and not even 3G. Imagine sharing an already slow speed among multiple users. Bottomline: it doesn't work out. Anyway, you can use this "disconnected" time to appreciate your surroundings ;-)

Can we opt to rent the vehicle for ourselves?

By all means! And we give you a discount too! However, please note that there several factors you need to consider:

  • No one else is booked for that day for that trip
  • Our schedule for the vehicles are set so check the booking calendar if you will use the same or a different vehicle on your return trip.
  • We are flexible with our time of pick up and drop off when you charter the van.

Can we go on side trips apart from the route?

If those trips are along the route, and you have chartered the vehicle, then yes. We do have a limit of 9 hours driving time and in excess of 9 hours, we charge by the hour, depending on the vehicle.

Oh no, something happened and I cannot make the trip. Am I allowed to change my mind?

Yes of course. However, refunds, if any, will be in accordance with our cancellation policies.

My flight is delayed and I can't make it… how now brown cow?

Just as with most airline policies, we are not responsible for your earlier trip delays and cancellations and we are a separate company and entity from your airline carriers. We do give a maximum of 15–20 minutes waiting period for passengers from their appointed pickup time after which we will have to leave (just like the final calls in airlines) and this will be considered a No-Show. No-Shows do not get refunds according to our cancellation policy. It is therefore advisable to have enough leeway between transfers. Please consider as a thought that we also have other passengers in the vehicle who expect us to leave at the agreed departure time.

I have an impending flight in Puerto Princesa, will I reach the airport on time from our trip from El Nido?

We highly advise you to consider the following tips to better plan your travel:

  • Land travel between PP and EN can range from 5 – 7 hours. Yes, on some occasions it may take 7 hours when the weather can get bad and affect the roads – although our usual travel time is 6 hours, best to have some margin for unexpected obstacles on the trip.
  • The airport is very small – our guests usually opt to check in 1.5 hours before their flight.

Land travel is not always so precise with timing. Although our drivers do their utmost to drive efficiently and within time periods, safety is and always will be a priority so they will have to follow safe driving protocols when encountering possible obstacles on the roads and that might contribute to a longer trip duration. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any delay in your arrival at Puerto Princesa airport. Please plan for enough time allowance.

What's so special about your service?

  • Well trained drivers
  • We follow good driving rules and safety precautions
  • We know that getting around Palawan without your own vehicles is troublesome so we pick you up and drop you off to your destinations (or the closest possible point).
  • We have comfortable seats.
  • We will never overcrowd our vehicles with passengers and luggage.
  • Our passengers get insurance coverage for those unfortunate circumstances.

Considering all the extra benefits we provide, you’re actually not paying so much more.

Aside from transporting people, what is your company all about?

Read more about us and our practices here.