Corporate Social Responsibility

From the inception of this company, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been foremost in our objectives. We believe that if we are going to do something, we better do it great and do it right. Here are the little and not-so-little ways we tackle CSR


This is the mother principle that guides us in everything that we do – from the way we deal with the customers, the Government, environment, workers, the community, and ourselves.


We discuss with our external suppliers to make sure that we have as little negative environmental impact as possible.


We choose to use energy-efficient laptops, printers, and computer equipment. Starting out fresh means we can select the latest available brands that espouse energy efficiency. As much as possible, we prefer to do things “on the cloud” and that saves us purchasing equipment that consumes more electricity and resources.


Giving Back

From the start of budget planning, we make sure that we have a portion set aside for donations to our favourite organizations. We carefully select the organization based on credibility and track performance. As we, the people in the company, have varied supported causes among ourselves (environment, social, religious, etc), we paper-scissors-stone discuss who we should help every year and we try to accommodate everyone’s cause so that we can diversify.

Fair Work

We believe in fair work: fair working hours, fair employee welfare, fair compensation, motivating benefits, and bonuses commensurate to performance. We want our employees to feel good and proud in working with us.

Financial Management Training

Part of the training of our staff with us is about basic financial literacy and basic financial management. This is one of our ambitious goals – to make them financially stable and be able to improve their quality of life. We would think it a success in our part if in the future our staff can leave us and have financially stable and independent lives because of what we have taught them. Then a new batch of people can be trained and helped in the same way.