About your trip to and from El Nido

Dear Guests,

We would just like to inform you that the Municipal Town Council of El Nido has recently again imposed a no-vehicle drop-off and pickup “rule” inside the main town of El Nido effective January 21, 2015. This affects our services to our valued guests and while we value the convenience we offer you, we have no choice but to follow their “rule”. We will try our best to appeal against this like what we did before however we cannot guarantee if this will be approved and when. Until then, you may confirm with us close to the date of your trip if this affects your trip or not.

Please note that:

The Municipal Town Council of El Nido has made it mandatory for all tourist transport services to drop their El Nido town guests at the Poblacion Terminal (a kilometre from town) then take a tricycle or walk to town. Since pick-ups are no longer allowed inside town as well, we will pick up guests from the Poblacion Terminal. Tricycle fares for the short distance between terminal to town are pegged at 50php per person.

Salvacion Junction Palawan

If your accommodation is in Corong-Corong, you are not affected by this “rule”.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any questions about this or if you need special assistance, our lines are open for you and we can work together. We will try to make it as convenient as possible given the limitations imposed on us (again).

The Daytripper Team