What to Bring to Palawan

Going to Palawan can be an amazing experience, but what should you bring? Here are things we suggest you need to take with you when visiting Palawan.

Dry bag

Afraid your things might get wet, or worse, fall on water? Bring dry bags! Especially when taking the island hopping tours in El Nido, these will come very handy.

Water shoes

Instead of slippers, we suggest bringing water shoes instead.


Protect your skin and apply sunscreen generously while you are in Palawan.


Mosquito repellant

Mosquitos are common in this side of the world and they do not discriminate between a 5-star and 1-star accommodation. We recommend mosquito repellants that are DEET-free. Our tried-and-tested recommendation: All Terrain, Herbal Armor, Insect Repellant DEET-Free


There are a couple of ATMs in El Nido but they are usually out of cash because of the demand. We suggest bringing enough Philippine cash with you.


Diarrhea? Fever? Car-sickness? Always bring your medicines with you for all types of emergencies.


These are the saviors of the internet-connected generation. El Nido sometimes have electricity issues so it will be really helpful if you have spare “power” with you for those just-in-case moments.

Have fun in Palawan!