Your 16€ Value

What can you buy with 16 Euros?

  • About 6 breakfast meals of cappuccino and pastry in Italy (or 5 calzones, if you’d like)
  • 8 dozens of eggs in Portugal (that’s almost enough to feed a hundred people!)
  • 1 Bottle of La Pompadour Corbières in France (ah, French wine)
  • 16 cans of beer in Germany
  • 6 one-way local transports in the Netherlands
  • 5 slices of Marinara pizza in Naples (and we know how big they are!)
  • at least two tickets to see a movie anywhere (the Hobbit, anyone?)
  • 6.5 kgs of olives or 1 liter of extra virgin Olive Oil in Italy (too bad prices have dropped this year)
  • About 5 scoops of Stracciatella gelato in Milan (but of course!)
  • 16 liters of milk in Belgium
  • 21 kms of taxi ride in Germany
  • 10.2 liters of gasoline in Brussels.

Now consider. For this same price, you get a comfortable, convenient and safe ride to one of the Philippines’ most idyllic island: El Nido in Palawan.



Think about it. 

Comfort = enough leg room, no over-crowding, ample luggage space, and friendly, responsible drivers. (We call them captains, FYI).

Convenience = pick up from and drop off to your hotel destination, no hassles of transfer (from tricycle to van to tricycle again) and online pre-booking, too! (thanks, internet!)

Safety = you’ve heard about the last few kms to El Nido, right? We don’t want you feeling like you’re in a scene in Bourne Legacy. (Oh, by the way, the last scene in Bourne Legacy was shot in El Nido!)

But really now, what’s 16€ for a comforable ride to paradise? :) We’re more than happy to show you what that’s worth! :)